Internet of Medical Things


Internet of Medical Things

Revolutionizing Health with Connected Devices and Ecosystems

Implanted, wearable and remote stand-alone healthcare devices — coupled with secure healthcare apps — can help patients take charge of their health and can keep healthcare professionals current and connected, even from far away. Nerdery helps harness the connectivity between sensors, medical devices and secure computing solutions to track medical conditions, predict problems, deliver “just-in-time” care, and streamline workflow management — leading to efficient and effective improvements in patient care no matter where it is being delivered.

How We Enable IoMT Solutions

Our IoT-enabled healthcare solutions automate secure data collection, transmission, analysis and optimization so physicians can use data to monitor and improve device operations, provide personalized care recommendations, and improve health outcomes in real time.  

Screening and Diagnosis

By leveraging complex algorithms, Nerdery software programs can help predict the risk of chronic disease and provide clinical decision support.

Monitoring and Alerting

Securely collect vital and operational data from wearable and other remote sensors to enable targeted recommendations and alerts for both patients and clinicians.

Chronic Condition and Disease Management

Help patients and clinicians track and interpret health data, and adjust treatment plans to improve health outcomes.

Digital Therapeutics

Generate and feed highly-relevant clinical data into other medical devices, medicinal products, general purpose actuators, ecosystems, or other means of providing therapy to support that treatment or mitigation of critical illness.

Ready to innovate within medtech?

Nerdery Technical and Strategic Capabilities:

Digital Advisory:
Define and refine your digital opportunities and strategize solutions.

– Product Advisory
– Technical Advisory
– Digital Organization Enablement
– Digital Business Strategy
– Data and Interoperability
– Research and Insights
– Service Design

Digital Product Enablement:
Bring your digital products to life, grow and evolve them.

– Experience Design
– Development
– Digital Platforms
– Product Delivery
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Service Ecosystems
– Process and Testing


How can implanted devices take burdens off patients? A national medtech leader asked us to help implement their reinvention of the experience for a device used to treat serious heart conditions. Powered by IoT and mobile technologies, the client’s product monitors and predicts potential cardiac problems, alerting the patient’s doctor with enough lead time to prevent them.