Improving Health Through Medtech Innovation

Developing effective medical device software requires a deep understanding of the relationship between patients, providers, data and hardware, coupled with industry-specific regulatory, security and quality assurance knowledge and experience.

Headquartered in one of the most significant medical technology hubs in North America, Nerdery helps medtech leaders rise to a spectrum of business technology challenges, including proof-of-concept prototypes, device and app/mobile software and interface design and development, secure cloud migration and computing, support for adopting agile work processes, and healthcare ecosystem architecture and integration.


Medical Devices and Software

Develop software processes and solutions within and in support of medical devices (Software in medical devices, or SiMD) that reduce time to market, increase quality, improve care outcomes and deliver a differentiated experience at every point across the device lifespan. Nerdery partners with established firms, innovators and start-ups to design and develop platform-agnostic stand-alone software and mobile apps (Software as medical device, or SaMD) intended to treat, diagnose, cure, mitigate or prevent disease or other conditions.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Harness the connectivity between sensors, medical devices and secure computing solutions to track medical conditions, predict problems, deliver “just-in-time” care, and streamline workflow management. Let Nerdery help you appropriately and securely share your device data and insights to support personalized prediction and prevention.


“Implementation of our product required skill set and integration of technology new to our team (mobile and consumer-facing UX, Bluetooth Low Energy, multi-platform mobile applications with extensive robustness and security considerations). Nerdery has been key in helping us develop and integrate these areas.”
Fortune 500 Medical Device Client

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