Driving Efficiency and Performance through Digital


Heightened competition, increased manufacturing product commoditization and greater pressure from customers for differentiated products is motivating companies to adopt new, customer-centric business models. Organizations can transform into faster-moving, efficient organizations by leveraging advancing technology like IoT, data analytics, business intelligence and more.

Nerdery partners with manufacturers across industries to diversify their revenue, improve productivity and add customer value by creating not just digital products, but products-as-a-service through data-enabled ecosystems.

Need to make the shift to a customer-centric business model?

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Global metal equipment manufacturer

In partnership with a global machinery manufacturer, Nerdery developed and brought to market an IIoT solution that enables better business decisions — as well as helped stand up an internal IIoT development team, gained stakeholder alignment and more. Alongside our client’s efforts, we guided and coached their sales team to simplify messaging and define what really matters to a broader range of stakeholders within customers’ organizations. We also instilled a holistic mindset that includes not just customer-centric development considerations but also pragmatic business considerations related to the marketability of digital products.


World’s top producer of agriculture products

A large, global corporation saw a need for greater transparency and traceability in the seafood supply chain and responded by launching a new B2C focused brand. Nerdery rapidly deployed a lean innovation team to accelerate the design, implementation and validation of a farm-to-table traceability solution that provides consumers with data that highlights animal welfare, food safety, and sustainability throughout the product life-cycle. The proof-of-concept and correlating landing page resulted in steering committee investment, alignment and a clear sense of future state possibilities.


Ziegler Cat
Rockwell Automation


Platform Modernization

Nerdery platform modernization services provide a proven framework and the deep expertise needed to make decisions, increase velocity, and capture the value latent in your legacy systems. Nerdery also provides consulting and customer experience services to develop, test and build new B2B platforms, ecommerce marketplaces or other related systems.


Nerdery builds IIoT solutions and helps manufacturing clients to successfully commercialize their products and increase productivity. We leverage our strategy, design and technical expertise to connect, aggregate data and develop analytical applications that provide greater transparency into manufacturing operations which in turn enable step-changes in productivity and profitability.

Cloud Services

Server downtime can mean lost productivity and work stoppage. Let Nerdery guide you to a more resilient architecture on the cloud that requires less overhead to maintain. With scalable cloud architectures in place, organizations can take advantage of driving insights through analytics and machine learning.

Nerdery Collaborative

Nerdery Collaborative puts our teams side-by-side with yours for an immersive experience into the modern best practices in digital development and transformation. We engage as part of your team and provide expertise and insight to help your organization adopt new tools, processes and governance to excel in today’s competitive environment.

Digital Product Development

Nerdery’s cross-functional teams combine deep strategy, experience design and development expertise that help you to establish and foster your vision and market ambitions. We work with you to create a market-ready product and support you to ensure that your organization is ready to successfully launch, market and monetize it.

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