Rachel Alm


Rachel Alm
Vice President of People Operations

Rachel Alm Bio


As the head of Nerdery’s People Operations, Rachel Alm leads initiatives focused on cultivating talent growth strategies and supporting Nerdery’s highly engaging work culture. Her success is rooted in her holistic HR approach, aiming to empower employees through meaningful career experiences and understanding their life goals.

Rachel brings more than 12 years of human resource and leadership experience. In prior roles at Sportsdigita and at Comm-Works, she was a driving force behind creating employee development and talent acquisition programs in both organizations. With a focus on innovation, scalability and organizational efficiency, Rachel has successfully evolved businesses’ abilities to attract and retain top talent for a high-performing culture.

Rachel joined Nerdery in 2022. She is an avid reader and newlywed living in Northeast Minneapolis. Innately curious, her raison d’être is to be better today than the day before through continual learning and personal development.

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