Mike Schmidt


Michael Schmidt
CEO, Co-Founder and Board Vice Chair

Headshot of leadership Mike Schmidt.


Michael Schmidt is a seasoned leader with 20 years experience in digital business consulting, where he is best known for solving complex business challenges and maximizing client outcomes through technology. He co-founded Nerdery in 2003, serving as CIO and then Chairman of Nerdery’s Board of Directors until being named CEO in 2020.

During his tenure at Nerdery, Michael has helped organizations across a variety of industries make long-lasting, transformational change. As CEO, Michael is passionate about guiding clients in making an impact through digital technology — ultimately, improving the lives of their end-users while growing their business.

In 2014, Michael co-founded and helped launch Prime Digital Academy, a full-stack engineering and UX bootcamp, and has also guided various startups across industries. Away from work Michael enjoys spending time in the outdoors — fishing, skiing and wake surfing — and most importantly, spending time with his family.

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