Your In-Person Event Is Canceled, Now What?

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By Jonathan Dexter

Engineering Practice Director

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With the pandemic spurring in-person events to be canceled — from conferences and trade shows to speaking engagements and product launches — companies have begun to reinvent the event experience using technology and new strategies. Though there are barriers to work through, virtual events present opportunities that in-person events have yet to afford — including rich data insights, increased personalization, and the ability to engage a broader audience as location and travel are less of a factor. 

In Nerdery’s June 25 virtual session of Nerd Therapy, our panel of experts weighed in on best practices and technologies to transform in-person events to all-virtual or hybrid experiences. They ideated on ways to recreate opportunities for networking in a virtual environment, how to engage partners and sponsors, how to make your content shine, and strategies to ensure events feel meaningful for attendees. Watch the highlight video below or view the full discussion on YouTube.

Cam MacIntosh, Global Programs Lead, Google
Kada Sigl, Think Conference Manager, IBM
Sydny Layne, Digital Director, Agency EA
Derek Chin, Director of Strategic Innovation, Nerdery

Host and Moderator:
Jonathan Dexter, Engineering Practice Director, Nerdery

Learn how Nerdery can help you create an engaging virtual or hybrid event by working with technology you already have in place, leveraging leading event platforms in the marketplace, building something custom or a combination of all the above.