[Videos] Prioritizing and Executing on Accessibility Standards

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By Katy Jones

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


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In recent years, the tech industry has realized that making accessible digital products is — and should be — the new standard for production. Designing for all users, of all abilities, is imperative. Yet it’s also apparent that there is still an aura of mystery surrounding web accessibility, and as Nerds we proudly take on the responsibility of dispelling some of that confusion.

During January’s Nerd Therapy panel discussion we shared various ways all users benefit from accessible content. There are several advantages to designing with accessibility in mind, all with varying degrees of apparency. It ranges from the most obvious (where a company may be losing customers who are unable to use their services), to more obscure. Even users without disabilities find value in using accessible tools. Our discussion covers these points and many more about keeping all users in mind.

Laura Shields — Senior Software Engineer, The Nerdery
Ray Campbell — Senior Accessibility Analyst, United Airlines
Katy Jones — Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, The Nerdery
Dennis Deacon — Founder/Organizer, Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design MeetupPlay Video

After understanding the necessity of designing for everyone, it is important to have a plan for execution. In our Nerd Interface presentation, we discussed the building blocks that aid developers, designers and quality assurance engineers in the effort to create accessible content. This talk focuses on the tools that can be utilized during development and testing, as well as tips on how to work within your team to most easily succeed throughout the development process.

We like to emphasize the importance of collaboration and communication with all levels of the team — the most successful, most accessible projects are a result of teamwork. We cover ways to encourage that in this presentation, as well as how to spot red flags that may cause potential roadblocks in your pipeline.


Accessibility is becoming an imperative. We encourage everyone who has the ability to do so to stress the importance of accessible products and processes in this industry. It will lead to innovation and creativity while promoting inclusiveness in the world of technology. As we believe at The Nerdery, it’s also just the right thing to do.

To learn more, check out our blog post, Building with Accessibility in Mind from Day One or contact us.

Published on 02.01.18