The Google Anthos Approach to Hybrid Cloud

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By Sean Feeney

Cloud Engineering Practice Director


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We recently attended Google Cloud Next ‘19 (as sponsors, technology and event partners and session attendees) and since the event we’ve had a lot of exciting conversations around Google’s announcements from the show. Out of the more than 100 announcements made, the one surrounding Anthos — an enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud platform — stood out for us.

In the video below, our Chief Technology Officer Joe Tobolski walks us through how Google’s Anthos brings a simplified approach to hybrid cloud, allowing companies to focus on business outcomes rather than specific tech stacks.

Anthos gives you one common set of tools to deploy and secure your containers to the destination of your choice — even on-prem. It’s exactly what you would expect from the minds behind Kubernetes.

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Published on 05.08.19