Putting A New Coat of Paint on Paint Shopping

The Nerdery's Valspar team

By Mark Malmberg

Communications Director

Nerds enjoy the pursuit of impactful outcomes. Valspar told us their business goal, but they counted on us to drive design decisions. Together, we’ll win the paint chip war.

Anyone who’s shopped paint knows the consumer experience has remained unchanged for...ever: go to the hardware store, grab some samples. Consumers would consciously choose a color – but few consciously chose a brand. Valspar was out to win the “chip rack wars.” Our client wanted to establish brand loyalty by helping consumers on a wide spectrum; from those who didn’t know where to start to those trying to find the perfect shade of blue. Valspar approached The Nerdery to build a seamless system to facilitate free consultations with Color Strategists flexible enough to provide personalized service to their wide consumer base. The entire project rallied around the idea that a consumer would have paint colors selected before entering a store. By developing’s Color Help tool, we accomplished all of their goals and helped Valpar disrupt their industry.

Valspar came to us with clear goals in mind, but didn’t have a defined set of requirements. They knew what the system had to accomplish, but left the rest up to The Nerdery. In essence, we were tasked with creating a system to facilitate a semi-structured conversation between a consumer and a color strategist. Throughout the design process, we used research methods to simulate the system passing information between the two parties to ensure we were meeting needs for both user groups. We designed and built the consumer experience from questionnaire to color selection as well as a first-class experience for the Color Strategists to be able to respond quickly with color suggestions and personalized advice. By creating a system that allows their Color Strategists to assist a wide variety of consumers color needs, Valspar can get a leg up on the competition.

Published on 08.04.16