Night at The Nerdery: Enabling Innovation Through a Connected Office

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By Gregg Walrod

Head of Engineering, Chicago


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We’re excited to continue our summertime tradition of opening our doors for an evening of innovation, tech-industry networking, refreshments, music and more. Join us at our Nerdery Chicago office on Thursday, July 19 from 6-10 p.m. as we take you on a journey through our connected office with apps, AI, IoT and RFID.

Our Chicago Nerds will share the following innovations, and you’ll learn more about what it’s like to work at Nerdery — as well as how to create a culture of innovation within your organization.


NerdPass turns the office into an active participant as Nerds scan RFID wristbands at connected devices throughout the space, encouraging participation and making everyday interactions a bit more fun. NerdPass also provides easy access to data tracking for things like high scores and dedicated bike commuters.


View what’s going on around the office with the NerdBoard dashboard — a web-app hosted on monitors around the office — and a computer. Nerds can view everything they need to know about Nerdery Chicago location, from announcements to transit times to tech news to birthdays.


The NerdHunt app allows our guests to explore our office by completing a scavenger hunt that uses a phone camera and machine learning to recognize various objects we are particularly nerdy about. Guests can also read more about each of our exhibits and the tech that went into building them. Use the app to check in to an exhibit by entering a code found at each exhibit location for a chance to win a prize.


NerdSign began as an effort to create a better interface for controlling the LED strip powering both of The Nerdery’s signs. The original, pre-packaged device had a poor interface and bad user experience. Our goal was to replace this with a system that was easier to access, would not suffer as many of the poor connections as the original system, and wouldn’t require a climb up to the roof every time it needed to be changed. Check out our solution powered by a raspberry pi, a web application backend and a react native mobile app.

VeeR Pong

Play America’s university pastime virtually with the HTC Vive. It’s been a year since VeeR Pong made its debut at Techweek and since then, Nerds have worked tirelessly to make VeeR Pong 2.0 better than ever. Whether you’re a veteran of the original or brand new to VeeR Pong, check out the enhanced graphics and improved workflow for picking up and throwing a ball.

Nerd Wall

This is not your grandmother’s phone book — unless your grandmother has a phone book with a touch screen and UI animation. Our Nerdery team in Chicago has been growing so rapidly that we needed a bigger and better way to put names to faces. With data from an in-house API, the Nerd Wall projects the Nerdery Chicago staff in a communal area by reception. Using a nearby tablet, you can filter, select and read more about individual Nerds.

board.shuffle() We may not be the Chicago Cubs, but accurate scorekeeping is pretty important to us. A team of Nerds created board.shuffle() as part of a vision to incorporate the potential of motion-sensing technology with our competitive nature. With a Kinect camera for motion tracking and a touch screen for player input, Nerds and our guests can play shuffleboard without thinking about scorekeeping. A custom-built Windows application does the heavy lifting so all you have to do is, well, shuffle.

See you there!

Published on 07.09.18