Design an Event Experience That Surpasses Expectations in the Post-COVID-19 Era

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By Emily Neubauer

Experience Designer

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As we look past COVID-19, events as we once knew them will have forever changed. But the event experience will need to consist of more than just a dual track of in-person vs. online. Brands must exceed the ever-increasing bar of attendee expectations — organizations need to create truly unique experiences that fit seamlessly into event goers’ lives, establish deep personal connections and, ultimately, provide meaningful engagement for each attendee.

In Nerdery’s August 7 virtual session of Nerd Therapy, our panel of experts discussed event strategies to uniquely deliver content, enable organic interactions and build human connection long after the event. How will we collectively rethink the event experience in ways that provide both attendee value and actionable insights for brands? 

Watch the conversation on YouTube, embedded below.

Laura Fegley — CCO, O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul
Yarrow Kraner — CEO/Founder, HATCH &
Michael Ryan — TEDx Global Partnerships, TED Conferences
Lara Stein — Founder TEDx, Co Founder and CEO Boma Global
Emily Neubauer — Experience Designer, Nerdery

Host and Moderator:
Jonathan Dexter — Engineering Practice Director, Nerdery

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