COVID-19 — A Tipping Point for Transformative Connected Care

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By Taqee Khaled

Client Engagement Director

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The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the healthcare industry into digital transformation overdrive. As the general population abides by shelter-in-place guidelines and forgoes unnecessary trips to their health clinics, the telemedicine, or telehealth, sector has exploded with demand from providers and patients.

To meet this demand for connected care, physicians, clinics and hospitals are turning to digital health tools and systems to replace brick-and-mortar visits in order to augment their capabilities to provide care for patients, all the while reimagining patient experience and working to make health data more interoperable. 

In Nerdery’s April 16, 2020 virtual session of Nerd Therapy, we considered the long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to understand how healthcare — through the lenses of patient experience, telehealth and data interoperability — will evolve, and how technology can help drive that change through connected care.

The panelists weighed in on the major shifts, challenges and opportunities they see happening in digital healthcare due to the pandemic and which of these will become part of the “new normal” in a post-COVID world. Additionally, they shared insights on shifting behaviors, changing regulations, patient data security and how “self-care is the new primary care.” Watch the highlights in the video below.

Raghu Pillai, VP Digital and Strategic Business Partnerships, M Health Fairview 
Jon Pearce, CEO, Zipnosis
Mark Ritchie, CEO, Health EXPO 2027 USA Bid / President, Global Minnesota
David Nickelson, PsyD, JD, VP Client Growth, Nerdery

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