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Insights, Customer Experience & Innovation

Let's talk UX, insights & innovation
Two men doing collaborative research on laptop in office conference room.
Two men doing collaborative research on laptop in office conference room.

Insights and innovation with customer experience at the heart of everything

Companies know consumer and market insights help drive digital innovation and build winning experiences in the face of rapid technological change, rising customer expectations, and threats from new market entrants. Successful digital products — the ones that consumers return to again and again — are built for what is needed today, while continuing to innovate and scale in anticipation for the needs of tomorrow. That’s the foundation of strong customer experience (CX) innovation design.

Our team of passionate, multidisciplinary design experts are unafraid to explore the boundaries of what’s possible – merging data-driven principles and creative, sustainable implementation.

Break past barriers to make real-world incremental innovation possible.

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Innovative customer experiences fuel growth

Of global purchase influencers tell us that improving their ability to innovate is a priority
- Forrester
Of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX.
- Gartner
Of customers are willing to pay more for a great digital experience

Our Expertise

01Customer and Market Insights

Build a successful digital product designed around the needs of your users. Our team extracts your consumers’ needs and pain points to inform products and strategies that truly serve them.


  • Voice of Customer
  • Customer Personas and Segmentation
  • Customer Needs and Pain Points
  • Competitive Analysis and Industry Trends
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • User Experience Testing
  • Journey Mapping

02Current and Future State Mapping

Get the right foundations in place before you start to build your digital solution by defining the future state architecture and roadmap. It is key to start with a strong digital strategy and vision, but even more critical to account for the reality of your current technical and operational capabilities. Creating a digital product roadmap charts a course to the desired future state, while ensuring you’ll have the necessary architecture to bring your vision to life.

03Product Strategy and Roadmapping

Working together to understand the current state of the business, competitive landscape, and market positioning, we formulate a digital strategy and vision for the future, and map how digital business evolution and products can present opportunities to invest, innovate and grow.



  • Gap Analysis for current and future services, integrations and systems
  • Ideation sessions for approach refinement
  • Prioritize features based on user value, business value, and effort
  • Explore technical effort and technical strategy
  • Assess existing platforms and out of box software

04User Experience Design

Successful digital products are built for what users need today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We take a human-centered design approach to build delightful digital customer experiences that solve end-users' pain points in order to improve ease of use and create a seamless, connected user experience.



  • Site Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Features and Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Content Hierarchy

05Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping gives you the power to quickly put your product idea to the test with customers, business stakeholders, and IT partners. By developing and testing prototypes in the design stage, you can gather user feedback and valuable insights earlier in the process. This allows you to fine-tune, test, and innovate, while giving clients a clearer understanding of how to move forward with future builds.

Build connected digital experiences that drive human and business impact.

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Case Study

A user-driven e-commerce platform that drove 22% growth

Amid the pandemic, a global life sciences company was seeing high cart abandonment rates on its e-commerce platform, indicating poor customer experiences and lost revenue.

We designed, tested, developed and launched an innovative, easy-to-use new e-commerce platform that allowed members of scientific organizations to easily order and track supplies. The new platform improved the customer experience and purchase workflow and cart abandonment rates dropped dramatically. The company tripled its annual e-commerce sales goal in six months, delivering $1.4 billion in revenue (22% growth).

View full case study
View full case study

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