Patient and Provider Experience

Connected Care

Patient/Provider Experience Delivers Business Results


Patient and provider experience has taken center stage as healthcare leaders and innovators consider what it means for health, wellbeing and the digital transformation of healthcare. Patients expect simple, immediate and relevant experiences that connect, inform, support and heal. Providers want secure, connected tools that find and analyze the right data at the right time to support better, faster decision-making and more quality time with patients. Successful digital healthcare strategy and design must seamlessly and transparently accomplish both. 

Five Keys to Delivering Connected Experiences that Transform Care

Reduce Friction

Decrease time, steps, and effort needed to complete my journey.

Predict Needs

Provide information and recommendations based on my unique needs.


Understand my unique needs and relationship style to improve connection, adoption and change.

Provide Agency

Help me control my journey and make my own critical decisions.


Mitigate complexity and improve connectedness across my journey.

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Where we can help

Virtual Experience

Recent events make it clear that patients expect payers and providers to use digitally-enabled care options such as chatbots, home monitoring and telehealth/telemedicine to provide care going forward. Nerdery can rapidly evaluate your current virtual care experience and technologies and provide immediate recommendations to improve digital triage, virtual care experiences, and platform operations and integration.

Product Innovation & Design

Creating a digital health product that users love, but also meets business and clinical objectives can be complex. Nerdery’s nimble, cross-functional teams combine healthcare-specific insights, strategy, experience design and engineering to help establish and foster your vision, create a market-ready product that meets meaningful patient, provider and business needs.

Service Design

Our expert industry-specific team focuses on creating optimal enterprise, service line and product specific service experiences. We take a holistic view of all the related actors, their interactions, and supporting materials and infrastructure to develop customer journey maps and recommendations that offer deep insights into patient and provider needs.

Behavior Change

Digital transformation in healthcare only occurs when individuals, groups and organizations adopt and internalize new ways of thinking, feeling and working. Nerdery’s expert team has more than two decades of experience putting behavioral, social and organizational science to work to increase health and wellness, compliance, adherence, adoption and culture change. 


With non-essential appointments and procedures canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, many providers are facing a surge of patients needing to re-enter the queue as restrictions are rolled back. An intelligent queue management tool allows providers to effectively and efficiently engage patients by making the process easier, and maximizes resources by leveraging existing technology. Using a “smart”, standardized and streamlined process to resume in-office appointments, providers can streamline revenue recovery, maximize schedules and flexibly meet high demand and expectations.