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Securely and Safely Guiding Patient Outcomes

Effective medical device software requires a deep understanding of the relationship between patients and providers — a crucial aspect in building a product that fits into everyday life for those it serves — as well as experience handling healthcare technology regulations, device security and testing. 

Headquartered in one of the most significant medical technology hubs in North America, Nerdery has helped healthcare and medtech leaders rise to a spectrum of business technology challenges, from developing proprietary platforms to crafting proof-of-concept prototypes to navigating regulation and approvals.

How We Help Medtech Organizations

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Integrations

From our experience with both proprietary and standard BLE protocols, we know effective integrations with hardware will consider battery consumption, prioritize reliability of obtaining connections, and ensure data is not lost due to unexpected disconnections or lack of internet connectivity.

Device Security

Security is only as strong as its weakest link, which is often the mobile device. Our team builds in encryption at rest and in transit, and can advise you from our experience with third-party tools that guard against tampering.

Process and Testing

We adapt and align our processes with the clients’ to achieve the best outcomes within complex requirement structures and reporting, including supporting the  necessary steps for the validation of testing/reports required for FDA Class I, Class II and Class III approvals to meet IEC 62304 and other standards.

Mobile User Experience Design

Our native mobile design specialists will help you take advantage of iOS and Android capabilities while offering best-in-class user experience and future-thinking functionality. We’ll bring your innovation to life while also considering maintainability, usability and accessibility.

Mobile Engineering & Accessibility

We’ve been developing mobile apps since smartphones entered the market, with expertise in integrating proprietary and standard BLE protocols, offline usability, understanding of background behavior and experience meeting test coverage and traceability requirements. Nerdery will help you take full advantage of iOS and Android accessibility tools and best practices to ensure your app meets WCAG AA / AAA guidelines.

Service Ecosystems

Our IoT-enabled solutions automate data transmission so physicians and clinicians can access data quicker and earlier with the goal of improving device users’ outcomes through remote patient monitoring.

Ready to innovate within medtech?

Client StorY

Transforming Patient and Clinician Experiences

We partnered with a leading medical device company to offer patients a better experience when tracking cardiac symptoms. Our app pairs with an implantable Bluetooth cardiac device that tracks a patient’s heart rhythm and transmits it to their doctor, along with any logged symptoms. A carefully designed setup process and simple, easy-to-use daily experience builds confidence in patients, even if they are otherwise unfamiliar with using a smartphone.

Client StorY

Personalized Diabetes Management

Our multi-year partnership with a leading diabetes testing product manufacturer evolved their product line to meet the changing needs of patients with blood glucose monitoring needs, as well as the medical professionals who support them. Through a bluetooth-connected mobile app, patients can easily track blood sugar readings, activity, diet and mood. A web platform allows providers to see patient data and stay up-to-date with patient activity. Paired together, the digital product ecosystem leads to faster time to clinical action as issues arise, and improved quality of life for patients.