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Improving Patient Outcomes with Interoperability and Integration


The healthcare space is evolving, but our fundamental approach to solving problems has remained unchanged. With expert knowledge in digital health, telehealth, virtual care and digital triage, our team understands the importance of securing patient, clinical and provider data while balancing the crucial need to serve customers. We strike this balance by bringing data-driven clarity to your interoperability challenges to empower you to make the right decisions given current constraints.

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Healthcare interoperability is more than just data transmission — it serves as the building block to improve patient experience and engagement. With our data strategy and engineering expertise, our team helps uncover pain points to alleviate bottlenecks and deliver the right data to the right provider at the right time. Be confident in your decision-making ability knowing you have accurate, real-time data at your fingertips.


Nerdery’s security methods and thought process focus on risk, tolerance and benefit to find the right-sized solution for your healthcare challenges. Protecting sensitive patient data is about understanding vulnerabilities and the likelihood of their exploitation. Our experts will help you gain insight into your security landscape to balance your risk tolerance and help you weigh the benefit gained to make an informed business decision.


If your applications don’t talk to each other, we can help. Nerdery connects disparate applications to give more power to users to access critical information. Nerdery has a decade of experience helping customers migrate to the cloud and modernize platforms to help reduce cost, improve outcomes and overall patient experience. 


Nerdery will help you by creating a strategy that will allow your healthcare organization to move quickly in enabling applications to communicate with one another in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

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Machine Learning at Scale

To provide the best care for their patients and increase positive health outcomes, a nationally ranked physical medicine and rehabilitation research hospital tapped Nerdery to build a dashboard for their healthcare providers that would predict patient recovery curves using a custom machine model.

By leveraging enterprise-level scalability with AWS, Nerdery built the model to run in the cloud at infinite scale. With predictive analytics, providers are now able to see deeper insights into their patients’ journey, current state and trajectory for recovery, including their cohort score, which buckets a patient’s risk and profile. A multitude of data points and features in one central location empowers providers to optimize care for their patients.

Client StorY

Leading the Transformation

Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), a leader in immunization informatics, was facing challenges transforming from a packaged software to a SaaS delivery model. They engaged Nerdery to kickstart their DevOps transition and align technology deployments with business demands. 

We assisted with internationalization of their core applications to unlock new revenue streams and decreased their time to market by reducing handoffs between development and QA organizations through testing automation.