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The pressure to produce an unparalleled digital experience that links directly to business value creation is being felt in all industries, but healthcare is a particularly challenging space. In the past, physicians and patients didn’t demand high user-centricity. Now, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and they expect organizations to do more.

Nerdery partners with providers, product manufacturers and payers that are intent on infusing industry-leading experience with lasting technology, and linking business value creation with great design.

Interoperability and integration
Interoperability & Integration

With expert knowledge in digital health, telehealth, virtual care and digital triage, Nerdery brings data-driven clarity to your interoperability challenges to empower you to make the right decisions given current constraints.

Operational Excellence

Regardless of practice size, operational efficiency is table stakes to both manage costs and maximize revenue. Confident practice and revenue cycle management demands future-ready technology and innovative solutions.

Experience Design
Experience Design

Digital technology in healthcare lives at the unique intersection of multiple user needs. Nerdery’s Experience Design practice is grounded in human centric practices to ensure that our digital products provide clients with valuable return on experience.

Med Device

Headquartered in one of the most significant medical technology hubs in North America, Nerdery teams are fully versed in building digital solutions in this highly regulated space — with privacy and security as the top priority.


Global Medical Device Manufacturer

We partnered with a leading medical device company to offer patients a better experience when tracking cardiac symptoms. Our app paired with a Bluetooth cardiac device that tracks a patient’s heart rhythm and transmits it to their doctor, along with any logged symptoms. A carefully designed setup process and simple, easy-to-use daily experience built confidence in patients, even if they were otherwise unfamiliar with using a smartphone.


Leading Academic Medical Center

The leading national medical center approached us to review the architecture and ecosystem of their in-room Android app, which offers TV, movies and information on procedures to patients. Our partnership involved stabilizing the application on 500 boxes and rolling the application out to 2000 boxes to clinics across the country. We’re also guiding the client with a long-term strategic roadmap to improve the in-room patient experience using the app and the data it gathers.

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Platform Modernization

Healthcare organizations face the constant pressure of prioritizing investments as the future of digital health continues to take shape. The challenge for executives today is in deciding how existing technology may be improved enough to compete with what the market demands. Nerdery provides leaders with a proven framework and the deep expertise needed to make decisions, increase velocity, and maximize latent value in legacy systems.


As the demand to deliver value-based healthcare rises, the importance of real-time data is hard to ignore. Information provided by sensors embedded in devices and machines are growing in complexity, and wearable and implanted sensors are more and more sophisticated in their relevance. Nerdery’s track record of building high quality, FDA-compliant IoT solutions combined with our strength in strategy and design enables us to focus effectively on positioning value directly within the healthcare value chain — right where you need it.

Cloud Services

There is no other industry where security, efficiency and scale are as critical as they are in healthcare. The race to pursue and realize the quadruple aim cannot be won without a successful cloud strategy. Nerdery partners with your technology team to deliver cloud services that give you the ability to scale with your organization, and industry-leading security to protect your patients’ data.

Nerdery Collaborative

Today’s digital healthcare technology landscape is far more complicated than it’s ever been. It’s no longer helpful just to hire consultants, but to work alongside them in order to transfer cutting edge knowledge, skills and abilities to your teams. Nerdery Collaborative puts your teams side-by-side with ours for an immersive experience into the modern best practices of digital development to better serve your members, patients and consumers.

Digital Product Development

Healthcare organizations can’t wait for the right startup to debut or for the perfect set of new technologies to be released by a longstanding industry incumbent: sometimes, they need to take matters into their own hands. This can mean creating completely new digital products from scratch. These initiatives can be both difficult to start and even more challenging to generate the intended value at scale. Nerdery’s nimble, cross-functional teams combine strategy, experience design and development to help establish and foster your vision, create a market-ready product and ensure your organization is ready to launch, market and sell it.

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