Health Care Hero

Custom Software for Healthcare

We help organizations meet their goals. Our healthcare team designs and develops technology that can engage and influence important audiences – whether it’s providers, administrators, caregivers or patients.


The earlier we engage, the more value we bring to companies with visionary ideas. Nerds get deeply invested in understanding our clients’ problems; we get as passionate about their business as our own.

Dozens (and dozens) of healthcare companies have partnered with us to solve their digital challenges. The way our partners utilize us varies, and has included everything from proof-of-concept prototypes and software security audits to native mobile apps and from-scratch proprietary platform development. 

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What makes
us different

Dedicated team of healthcare specialists
Healthcare experts embedded in sales, marketing, development and quality assurance
Vast experience with sensitive data and regulated information
HIPAA certified staff and experience
Healthcare specific prototype and application development
Consultant panel for focus groups, testing and ideation

Core Competencies

Business Process Improvement

User Interface Design

  • Prototypes
  • User experience testing

Software Development

  • Sales applications
  • Product marketing websites

Quality Assurance Testing

We’d love to talk with you

Whether you are an aspiring Nerd or you’re considering working with us, we’d love to hear more. If you’d rather talk to a real human, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.
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