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Transforming Patient Outcomes Through Technology

Today's healthcare practitioners, regulators and consumers expect excellence in digital products.

Technology and Healthcare

With frequent updates to healthcare technology and regulations, keeping patients engaged, employees satisfied and requirements met is a challenge. Our team uses first-hand industry experience to develop custom digital products that deliver exceptional experiences.

Our dedicated healthcare team allows us to help clients achieve exceptional results. 

Areas we’ve worked in include: mobile applications, security testing, web portals, prototyping, consulting, data visualization, website redesign, location mapping, iBeacon and more.

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What Makes Us Different

Dedicated healthcare experts embedded in sales, marketing, development and quality assurance
Vast experience with sensitive data and regulated information
HIPAA certified staff and experience
Healthcare specific prototype and application development
Focus on healthcare industry trends and the latest technology application
Healthcare consultant panel for focus groups, testing and ideation

Core Competencies

Business Process Improvement

  • Consulting
  • Systems integration

User Interface Design

  • Prototypes
  • User experience testing

Software Development

  • Sales applications
  • Product marketing websites

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Automation

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