Idea Incubator

Idea Incubator

Take your idea and foster it

Work with expert Nerdery practitioners from strategy, insights, design, and technology to evolve your ideas using a digital product mindset in this fast-paced, immersive workshop.

How it works

Two-day intensive sessions where participants will put the principles into practice in real time.

Session 1
Identifying Opportunities & Concepting Solutions

Session 2
Refining & Validating Solutions

WHAT is the goal?

Together, we will nurture your idea into a viable solution.

Attendees will be exposed to an accelerated product framing process using a ‘learn by doing’ approach. After the workshop, individuals will be equipped with the methodologies and tools to drive new approaches for product framing across their own teams.

Who should attend?

Product & business leaders looking to gain quick traction on ideas and create compelling cases for pursuing solutions. Attendees will level up their skills in digital product framing through the sessions.

What Will you get?

  • Early clickable prototype & ideation materials
  • Product vision, journey map and personas
  • Business model & case
  • Technical capability needs, HL Product roadmap