Virtual Care

Provider and Healthcare Delivery Systems

Virtual Care

Engage Your Patients Where They Are

Now more than ever, patients expect providers to deliver care using digitally-enabled solutions. Whether it’s scheduling an appointment or meeting with a physician, virtual care tools need to be transparent, personalized and integrated across patients’ healthcare journeys.

Asynchronous messaging, chatbots, telehealth and remote care monitoring technologies must seamlessly coordinate with EHR, CRM and patient support platforms to deliver industry-leading virtual care that’s both personalized and intuitive.


Virtual care is now an essential part of a connected ecosystem of digital and physical healthcare experiences. Nerdery has deep experience pulling distributed data and disparate platforms into smart, singular and intuitive interfaces that increase acquisition and engagement, as well as improve patient experience, physician experience and clinical outcomes. Our expert healthcare teams rapidly evaluate your current virtual and in-person care experience, technologies and ecosystem, and provide immediate recommendations to improve digital triage, patient and provider experiences, and platform operations and integration.

Digital Advisory:
Define and refine your digital opportunities and strategize solutions.

– Product Advisory
– Technical Advisory
– Digital Organization Enablement
– Digital Business Strategy
– Data and Interoperability
– Research and Insights
– Service Design

Digital Product Enablement:
Bring your digital products to life, grow and evolve them.

– Experience Design
– Development
– Digital Platforms
– Product Delivery
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Service Ecosystems
– Process and Testing

Begin shoring up your virtual care platform today.

Future-proofing Your Virtual Care Platform

Amy Walters of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Shaye Mandle of The Medical Alley Association, Vijay Murugappan of First Quadrant Advisory, and Taqee Khaled of Nerdery talk through the challenges that were brought on by the sudden need for telehealth platforms due to the pandemic, and ideate solutions to shore up virtual care technology to meet modern healthcare needs and patients’ demands in the future.