Operational Efficiency and Revenue Cycle Management

Provider and Healthcare Delivery Systems

Operational Efficiency and Revenue Cycle Management

Improve Operational Efficiency With Tailored Digital Solutions

As competitive pressure continues to drive down margins, optimizing operational efficiency and improving revenue cycle management is table stakes to both manage costs and maximize revenue. To become more streamlined and cost effective, healthcare providers need to learn and adopt a predictive, continuous learning approach that uses aggregated data, optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver data-based, predictive recommendations for improvement.

Nerdery improves operational efficiency and front- and back-end revenue cycle management by applying our unique mix of industry-specific expertise, experience, strategy, design and development capabilities to create innovative solutions using future-proof integrations and technologies.


Medical Practice Management

Nerdery helps providers increase patient access, asset utilization and revenue, as well as lower costs and improve patient experience. Examples include increasing enterprise scheduling efficiency and reducing ‘no-show” appointment rates, increasing operating room (OR) utilization, reducing infusion center wait times, streamlining emergency department (ED) operations and ED to inpatient-bed transfer, and automating and accelerating discharge planning.

Revenue Cycle Management

Reimagining the digital doorway to your health system, hospital or medical practice presents an ideal opportunity to improve both patient satisfaction and front-end revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness. Nerdery experts can help integrate, improve and optimize your provider finding, scheduling, pre-registration, registration, way-finding and time-of-service payment/copayment capabilities. 

Nerdery Technical and Strategic Capabilities:

Digital Advisory:
Define and refine your digital opportunities and strategize solutions.

– Product Advisory
– Technical Advisory
– Digital Organization Enablement
– Digital Business Strategy
– Data and Interoperability
– Research and Insights
– Service Design

Digital Product Enablement:
Bring your digital products to life, grow and evolve them.

– Experience Design
– Development
– Digital Platforms
– Product Delivery
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Service Ecosystems
– Process and Testing

Accelerate your path to efficiency today.

Nerdery’s expertise and custom software capabilities help clinicians and healthcare administrators:

Leverage artificial intelligence for automated insights

Make the most out of existing technologies

Create better user experience for critical administrative workflows

Capture financial value across the entire healthcare value chain

Develop custom solutions that help their existing ecosystems return cumulative value


No-shows plague healthcare providers, costing them an estimated $150 billion a year. When patients don’t show up to an appointment, it hurts other patients that may have more urgent conditions that otherwise couldn’t get in sooner, thus hurting overall outcomes. Leveraging AI, the dashboard below illustrates how providers can identify patients at risk of not showing up.

A provider view would show a queue of patients that need to reschedule canceled appointments based on identifying slots that are opened from predicted no-shows. The patients would then be prompted to reschedule via texts or by requesting a callback.