Healthcare Service Design Workshop

Service Design for Healthcare

Healthcare Service Design Seminar

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Nerdery believes the most valuable experiences start with real customer needs, not technology. To help healthcare organizations uncover these needs, Nerdery partners with leaders to identify high-value experiences and develop an actionable roadmap to create them.  

Over the course of a collaborative three-hour healthcare service design seminar, Nerdery experts work side-by-side with key organization stakeholders to deeply understand and map your customer experience,  identify potential limitation gaps in your people, processes and technology, and develop a plan for moving forward. 

Nerdery is working with healthcare organizations facilitating a three-hour seminar for healthcare companies looking to innovate and apply service design and design thinking to enhance the patient and provider experience.

Who should attend?

Key stakeholders from IT and experience teams, senior leadership, customer support, marketing, sales, design, product/project management, research, development, IT, operations.

Seminar Objectives:

  • Increase stakeholder understanding of healthcare service design
  • Familiarize and expose stakeholders to the healthcare service design process
  • Provide a high-level estimate of the business impact of doing nothing vs. taking action
  • Develop and deliver leadership-ready service design recommendations, suggested action plan, and a high-level roadmap for moving forward

Seminar Activities:

  • Understand users — both external (consumers) and internal (employees), and map their key journeys
  • Develop user empathy maps for each journey 
  • Prioritize the experiences and actions that provide the most value
  • Determine opportunity cost for leaving things as-is
  • Identify pain points, gaps and opportunities presented by current state and potential future state processes, and technology


  • Technical gap analysis
  • Heat map of highest value gaps and/or points of friction in your customer journey 
  • Recommendations for addressing these gaps and/or points of friction
  • Business impact of solving for these gaps and/or friction points
  • Action plan and roadmap for moving forward