Patient and Provider Experience


Provider and Patient Experience

Digital Transformation Built on a Human-Centered Approach

Provider and patient experience have taken center stage as healthcare leaders and innovators recognize that they are central to improving health, wellbeing and the digital transformation of healthcare. Patients expect simple, immediate and relevant experiences that connect, inform, support and heal. Providers want secure, connected tools that collect and analyze the right data at the right time to support better, faster decision-making and more quality time with patients. Successful digital healthcare strategy and design must seamlessly and transparently accomplish both.

How we help healthcare organizations take a provider- and patient-centric approach:

Nerdery’s experience researching, mapping, developing and delivering unified digital healthcare journeys makes us uniquely suited to help you improve administrative, clinical and service-line experiences that advance patient/provider relationships, drive behavior change and improve outcomes.

Digital Advisory:
Define and refine your digital opportunities and strategize solutions.

– Product Advisory
– Technical Advisory
– Digital Organization Enablement
– Digital Business Strategy
– Data and Interoperability
– Research and Insights
– Service Design

Digital Product Enablement:
Bring your digital products to life, grow and evolve them.

– Experience Design
– Development
– Digital Platforms
– Product Delivery
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Service Ecosystems
– Process and Testing


Learn how Nerdery and M Health Fairview are partnering to create meaningful, patient-centric digital experiences by taking a consumer-centric approach, and find out what becoming “digital to the core” means to M Health Fairview.

Five Keys to Delivering Connected Experiences that Transform Care

Reduce Friction

Decrease time, steps and effort needed to complete my journey.

Predict Needs

Provide information and recommendations based on my unique needs.


Understand my unique needs and relationship style to improve connection, adoption and change.

Provide Agency

Help me control my journey and make my own critical decisions.


Mitigate complexity and improve connectedness across my journey.