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Digital Transformation and Strategy

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Digital transformation strategy outline working session.
Digital transformation strategy outline working session.

Transform your future with digital strategy

Embrace the future with confidence. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, Nerdery’s team of experts is committed to helping organizations revolutionize their approach to technology, streamline processes, and boost productivity and revenue. Our team of strategists and technologists will work with you to create an innovative digital strategy that gives you a competitive edge and ensures your organization is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. With Nerdery's Digital Transformation + Strategy services, you’ll be able to seize opportunities, solve problems quickly and effectively, and unlock new levels of efficiency in your operations.

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Our approach to digital transformation services and strategy

01Product Change Management and Coaching

Achieve long-term success in developing and optimizing digital products. At Nerdery, we provide the structured environment that is vital to digital product development. By collaborating closely with your team to create an organizational framework that enables your digital products to thrive—we do this by establishing clear standards and guidelines to align your team around goals, processes, and ownership to ensure your products are successful and will win in the market.

02Business Strategy and Case Development

Establish your footing in the competitive landscape and in the market. From there, we’ll chart a vision for the future together — identifying market opportunities and ways to grow through digital strategy and innovation. This sets the stage to develop a compelling solution and business case that justifies change, and bolsters revenue growth and cost savings.

03Technical Strategy

Get the most out of your technology by defining the purpose of your digital transformation and envision your future capabilities. We'll work with you to establish your goals and provide a clear technical strategy with recommendations and priorities that set you up for digital business success. Together, we'll build the future vision for your system, architecture and processes.

04Innovation and Ideation Workshopping

Transform your ideas into winning digital business solutions. Our team of strategy, insights, design and technology experts can help you adopt and apply a digital product mentality to your work. With shared frameworks, methodologies and digital product best practices, we'll help you amplify your creative process. Gain hands-on experience implementing these principles and leave with the tools to apply this way of thinking to every stage of development, from early ideation to mvp.

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Case Study

Digital strategy and CX that drove 10-20% cost efficiencies.

Real Sportscards wanted to find a way to take its card-breaking program to the next level by moving away from sales over Facebook Live onto its own platform and helping enhance the card-breaking industry as a whole. But when it came to the build, they knew their first step was understanding the best user experience.

Nerdery partnered with them to build a vision and strategy for how to grow into a leading card-enthusiast platform from digital strategy to design to product build and deployment. Within six weeks, Real Sportscards moved from idea to development of the new platform, the Uncommon App. The product is already delighting users and Real Sportscards anticipates an annual cost reduction of 10-20%.

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View full case study

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