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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

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Nerd workin gon data analytics dashboard at desk in the Nerdery office.
Nerd workin gon data analytics dashboard at desk in the Nerdery office.

Data-driven decision-making through AI

Being a data-driven company means leveraging insights to drive strategic decision-making. At Nerdery, we offer comprehensive analytics and generative artificial intelligence (AI) services to help you: 

  • Build strategies rooted in data
  • Build or optimize your data architecture to support and analyze large amounts of data
  • Build artificial intelligence systems that automate tasks
  • Ensure digital products are customer-centric
  • Develop predictive models for complex data-driven problems

Our team of experts can help you maximize the potential of your data, enable artificial intelligence and machine learning, improve cost efficiency, stand out in the market, and delight your customers.

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Data + AI Services

Data Strategy and Governance

Data is more valuable when it aligns with business and organizational goals. Together, we’ll help you develop a strategy to manage, analyze and use data to make informed decisions that achieve those goals.

As part of that, we’ll assess your existing data governance (collection of specific processes, roles, technologies, and metrics for managing data) and help ensure that the right people can access the data they need.


  • Admin interviews
  • Infrastructure roadmap
  • Policies and procedures
  • Report analysis
  • System process roadmap

Data Security

Ensure your most valuable digital asset continues to perform at its highest level. We work with you to create a plan that safeguards your entire data lifecycle – including establishing goals, documenting the existing process, providing guidelines for ownership and access, developing policies, and meeting compliance.


  • Admin interviews
  • System analysis
  • Enterprise access model
  • Policies and procedures

Measurement, Visualization and Dashboards

In today's data-driven landscape, data visualization and dashboards are no longer just nice-to-haves; they're essential for making informed decisions, spotting trends, and driving business growth.

We’ll work with you to align around your business goals and strategies to build a dynamic way to measure and interpret your data, transforming raw numbers into meaningful insights. You'll be able to see your data come alive – making it discernible to everyone by providing a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of your key metrics in real-time.


  • Centralized reporting
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom visualizations
  • Data modeling
  • Trend analysis

Digital Product Analytics

Understand exactly how customers engage with your digital products. Our analytics framework puts customers at the core, analyzing behavioral data, identifying conversion gaps, and capitalizing on opportunities to create customer lifetime value.


Comprehensive Dashboard with Key Metrics include:

  • User profile: new and returning
  • Sessions
  • Pages per session
  • Devices
  • Source/medium and channels
  • Pageviews, unique pageviews
  • Average time on page
  • Landing pages
  • Exit pages
  • Bounce rate

Generative Artificial Intelligence

While powerful on their own, generative AI models require software interfaces and infrastructure to make them truly useful for businesses. Our team goes beyond basic API integration and creates tailored front-end experiences and unique capabilities with the opportunity to chain multiple generative models together for multimodal output in a single workflow. Through generative AI, customers can benefit from increased productivity, accelerated creativity, personalization at scale, enhanced data privacy, strengthened customer relationships, and boosted sales potential.


  • AI training and readiness workshops
  • AI implementation and integration
  • Custom AI software development
  • AI model tuning and prompt engineering

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Machine Learning

Our machine learning (ML) practice passes data through algorithms and statistical models, looking for patterns to inform solutions based on real-time forecasts and recommendations. Since machine learning is built around your data, it is unique and proprietary to your business.


  • ML model and interconnections
  • ML algorithm architecture and documentation
  • Data used to train the model

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Case Study

Using AI to support data-driven decision making

An IT company specializing in government software solutions wanted to help police chiefs make more informed decisions using data. They tapped Nerdery to help create a platform that offered automated, accessible, centralized, and reliable data to serve as the point of truth for forecasting and analysis efforts.

Nerdery developed a robust and interactive Power BI dashboard customized to the needs and objectives of the individual client. For police chiefs and all other department stakeholders, these dashboards help streamline the process of extracting data and using it to make more informed decisions based on reliable analytics.

View case studies
View case studies

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See how we helped a global MedTech company to enhance their data architecture to help drive their technology strategy forward.

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Our approach to data and artificial intelligence

Step 1:
Strategy alignment

We begin by delving into the "why" — comprehending your business goals and success metrics. Based on this understanding, we construct a data strategy that encompasses the development of frameworks and establishment of governance to accomplish those goals effectively. From there, we tackle the "how" — executing a technical strategy to bring everything together.

Step 2:
Data assessment

A critical aspect of understanding the state of your data and preparing for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). A data assessment ensures that your data models produce accurate data and are set up to serve your overall business goals. 


A data assessment will help you understand:

  • Desired outcomes from your data
  • How it will be managed
  • How it will be stored
  • Who has access
  • Which KPIs will be measured

Step 3:
Data architecture

Data architecture sets up the system and standards for collecting, storing and integrating data within your organization. It ensures data is available, accurate and complete, allowing it to be used across the organization. It also supports machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models for better decision-making, tackling new challenges and improving existing processes.

Step 4:
Operationalize and maintain

With a clear strategy, governance and architecture in place, you can really start to put your data to work by leveraging the predictive power of machine learning and artificial intelligence-based applications. 

Continuously monitoring and maintaining your data is key to ensuring its accuracy and quality, as well as the effectiveness of your AI modeling. This ongoing task plays a vital role in keeping your data up to date and achieving optimal results.

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