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Co-President is a co-title everyone at The Nerdery shares. We have good reasons for this.

First, we believe that distributed leadership is essential to any forward-looking company. On a higher level, the late, great Luke Bucklin – our founding President – called all of us Co-President just before his tragic passing. We took it to heart, and we carry it forward.

In Luke’s last published media interview, Biz Journal asked for his tips on managing and motivating people. Luke said: “Don’t make them earn your trust – give them your trust to make decisions and stand behind them when they do.”

You don’t have to read between the lines to see that this is how Co-Presidents are made. This has always worked for us.

The big shoes of a Nerdery Co-President are filled by veterans and newbie-nerds alike. It is a priority to convey to each incoming employee that Co-Presidency is more of a shared responsibility than an individual right. 

So if you get an email from one of us and the title below our signature says two things, both are absolutely true – but that’s not nearly all that we do.

The transcendental description for a Nerdery Co-President is our evergreen internal job posting, as follows:

Job Title: Co-President
Reports To: Co-President(s)
Department: N/A
Prepared By: Co-President

Job Summary

The Co-President is responsible for the success of The Nerdery. Specifically, the Co-President will do everything in their power to be sure that we provide the highest quality of work and the best customer service on the coolest projects with the most bad-ass team. The Co-President strives for progress and holds themselves to a very high standard. The Co-President is humble in success and failure. They are accountable for their mistakes and confident in their course corrections. Winning new projects and customers is as important to the Co-President as maintaining relationships with existing customers. The Co-President is responsible for maintaining the hardworking, collegiate, energetic and passionate culture of which we are so proud.

Examples of Responsibilities and Duties

  • Looks for opportunities to be a positive force in every task, project and customer/Co-President relationship.
  • Supports their Co-Presidents by being accountable and communicating early and often.
  • Fills the holes to the best of their ability when roles are missing or lacking.
  • Acts in the best interests of the team.
  • Seeks help when needed, and jumps in when needed by others.


  • Must be passionate about software development.
  • Must be confident in their strengths yet conscious of weaknesses.
  • Must be willing to ask for help.
  • Must be proud of themselves and their team.
  • Must be motivated by success.
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