Connected Ecosystems


Connected Ecosystems

The path to a connected experiential ecosystem

As business processes and customer interactions rapidly transition into new digital capabilities, many companies are finding their collection of digital systems disjointed and difficult to navigate. Unlocking the full potential of these investments hinges upon a shift in focus — away from building more features to connecting more experiences.  

Nerdery’s Innovation Studio can help you make the transformational leap from a disconnected ecosystem to one that’s connected, seamless and intuitive. Our Connected Ecosystem services break down silos by providing an objective, holistic view of user needs and current experiences, and fuel organizational momentum by launching enterprise-level initiatives that drive toward a unified experience.

How we help

Connecting Experiences

Connecting experiences is about taking a collection of disparate features and products and transforming it into an experience that’s simple and seamless. To begin building connected experiences, we must understand how users are fulfilling their end-to-end needs both within and outside of your ecosystem. From this foundation, we are able to elevate product-level thinking into enterprise-level strategies that unify brands, maximize value for users and accelerate growth across the portfolio.

Connecting Technologies

When each product takes a different approach to customer interactions, building connected technologies becomes complex. Leveraging the combined expertise of our cloud architects and experience strategists, we can build the foundational core necessary to deliver a unified customer experience and create the freedom and flexibility for whatever may come down the road.

Connecting Strategies

Without an internally aligned strategy, it’s difficult to have an externally unified experience for your customers. Our Connected Ecosystem services go beyond objective analysis of individual products by working collaboratively to build an enterprise-level vision and working across product teams to develop a roadmap to unify the experience.

Ready to get started on the path to a connected ecosystem?

Client Story

With more than 30 brands and services, and decades of industry expertise, a leading powersports vehicle company amassed a collection of digital platforms and myriad customer touchpoints. Through deep evaluation of the customer experience, data, systems and features, Nerdery identified gaps, pain points and opportunities which provided actionable insights and a multi-initiative strategic plan for a best-in-class customer experience.


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