Building Brand Loyalty with Valspar

Building Brand Loyalty with Valspar

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Creating a new tool to revolutionize the home paint industry

When confronted with a wall of paint chips at the hardware store, most consumers consciously choose a color – but few consciously choose a brand. Valspar wanted to change that. Seeing an opportunity to revolutionize the home paint industry, increase brand loyalty and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, Valspar approached The Nerdery with a unique challenge: help them win the “chip rack wars.”

How? By designing a tool that would encourage customers to select Valspar paint colors for their project before even setting foot in a store.

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Custom Web App Development for Valspar

Perfecting personalized paint consultation with UX design

Valspar knew the business outcomes they wanted to accomplish with their new online Color Help tool, but looked to us to drive key design choices. Our job was to build a system that could seamlessly facilitate free online consultations between paint shoppers and Color Strategists. The tool needed to be flexible enough to provide personalized service to Valspar’s diverse consumer base, yet robust enough to allow the strategists to do their jobs effectively.

As part of our in-depth user research we observed the Color Strategists at work to better understand how they create color palettes for customers. We then iterated a number of prototypes to represent this process digitally, working with the Color Strategists to refine and improve along the way. We also performed user research from the consumer’s perspective to ensure the needs of both sides of the interaction would be met.

Using this research, we designed and built the Color Help tool’s complete consumer-facing experience, from questionnaire to color selection, as well as a first-class experience for the Color Strategists to be able to respond to requests quickly with color suggestions and personalized advice. The website itself is built in Sitecore, which allows Valspar to scale up as needed and have plenty of room for new features and future enhancements.

Creating a dynamic mobile app to redefine customer experience - Valspar

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Valspar’s AskVal Color Help service provides consumers with an easy, intuitive way to pick the perfect paint colors for their unique project. Now, when those consumers approach the chip rack at the hardware store, they already know exactly which colors they want to buy–Valspar colors. Since launch, has seen a steady increase in users. 

The Color Help tool’s ease-of-use has allowed Valspar to add more Color Specialists to their team and fulfill hundreds of requests per month, putting Valspar in a solid position to win the paint chip war before the battle even has a chance to begin.