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A better HR software solution

Threads offers products and services based on real world HR solutions. They needed a development partner to build the HR management and evaluation software they dreamt up, with the kind of tools and functionality they imagined. It was up to us to figure out the best design and technology for the job, both now and into the future. 

Not only that but, in order for Threads to sell this HR management software online, they needed an accompanying marketing site. This would allow potential customers to take an inside look into the software, while highlighting the benefits of implementing Threads’ HR solution.

Custom Developed Wireframes for Threads

Focusing on User Experience

In the UX discovery and research phase, we put ourselves in the target users' shoes and conceptualized what an optimal experience would be. The discovery phase also identified the ideal centerpiece for managing employee information – an organization chart. This became the cornerstone of the web-based software, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Threads custom interface

Bringing the product to the people

Taking direction from Threads' culture, our team designed and built an interactive marketing site with Ruby on Rails that communicates the value of the software. Threads' idea has come to life, complete with a unique suite of web-based HR management software and an accompanying marketing site.

Client Testimonial

Our entire project team at The Nerdery did an amazing job. We have continued working with them to refine and expand our original vision.

Ben Abbas

Threads Co-Founder


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Since launch, Threads has continually collected and implemented client feedback into their software. To keep up with these enhancements – like allowing users to import existing organizational charts – a Nerdery team has been assembled and reserved for regular maintenance updates.

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