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Turning something old, new

The staff of Vermont's Secretary of State office maintained six different websites that relied upon 11 legacy databases to give citizens information on elections, licensing and public records. To help users find information, these websites and databases needed to be combined into a single, manageable resource. 

Each of the sites had its own unique content structure and layout, which wasted time and caused confusion not only for the citizens of Vermont, but for the site's administrators as well. They needed a consistent content management experience that was easy for everyone to use, both internally and externally.

City of Vermont - Custom development

A unified online home

Our first challenge was to link the legacy databases (and 40+ small databases within each) so that the Secretary of State’s staff had a single method and location for performing updates and avoiding inconsistencies. We integrated the Microsoft exchange servers so users could view a comprehensive calendar of events, instead of searching multiple websites.

City of Vermont Umbraco Installation

Upgraded admin experience with Umbraco

The Secretary of State’s staff needed to update content frequently and needed an enterprise-level content management system that was admin friendly. We put on our thinking caps and ultimately settled on Umbraco – a stable, open-sourced content management system that allows even the most non-technical of team members to quickly and easily update content. To ensure the staff’s comfort with the system, we held two training sessions, answering questions and covering what they’d need to know.


databases integrated
domains unified
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With an easy-to-use website that replaces six domains linked to 11 databases (and 40 tables of information within the databases), the Secretary of State’s office can now keep Vermonters updated via an intuitive content management system that provides timely and accurate information.

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