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Purina ONE's agency, Zeus Jones, wanted to upgrade Purina ONE's Umbraco-based content management system (CMS) so they would have better support, and the newest improvements to packages and tools. Purina ONE wanted to ensure that the CMS upgrade didn't break their site or jeopardize existing content and functionality. They wanted to fix the problems that were occurring on the back-end, and make it as intuitive and functional as the front-end.

Custom CMS development for Purina

New CMS, new tools

Umbraco 6.2 has improved packages that can act as shortcuts for developers, helping them quickly build future site features, and saving Purina ONE loads of valuable time. The new technology also boasts other improvements (new API's and a fully-fledged MVC) that give Purina ONE more freedom, control and makes coding easier for developers.

QA Process for Purina

QA leaveth no stone unturned

After the CMS was successfully updated, Quality Assurance poked and prodded the updated site with a variety of devices and platforms to root out any hidden bugs and broken functionality the update may have caused. 


days it took to update CMS
files edited
bugs fixed

Because of the CMS upgrade, Purina ONE now has the full support of the Umbraco community for maintenance and bug fixes. And, they no longer need to spend development time on creating workarounds to update content. The new CMS technology also brought Purina ONE new features and tools they can use to better manage content on their own, allowing Zeus Jones to swiftly transition out of the content editing duties.

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