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From Many Pages into the New Purina ONE

From Many Pages into the New Purina ONE

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Technology driven by business goals

Digital marketing consultancy Zeus Jones wanted to upgrade Purina ONE’s Umbraco-based content management system (CMS) so the Purina team would have better support and the newest improvements to tools. As Zeus Jones’ and Purina’s technology partner, our goal was to fix the problems that were occurring on the back-end without jeopardizing existing content and functionality on the front-end.

Custom CMS development for Purina

Discovering unlocked potential

Purina was focused on migrating towards a unified marketing platform and didn’t require many of the frills that come with enterprise CMS options. They needed an easy-to-use system that would support a content migration process, moving many individual pages from their existing site to a new platform.

Umbraco 6.2 — the most recent version at the time — had improved packages acting as shortcuts for our developers, helping them quickly build future site features and saving Purina valuable time. The technology also boasted other improvements (new APIs and a fully-fledged MVC) that gave Purina more freedom and control, and made coding easier for developers.

QA Process for Purina

A new CMS and results that speak for themselves

Thanks to the CMS upgrade, the Purina ONE website now has the full support of the Umbraco community for maintenance and bug fixes. The new CMS technology also brought Purina new features and tools they can use to better manage content on their own.

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