Infusing Digital-First Culture into Brick-and-Mortar Grocery

Market Disruption Through Collaboration

Hy-Vee knew they had to become a technology leader in their space to disrupt their market – and break into new ones. When we began our strategic partnership, Hy-Vee had already earned a high degree of regional brand loyalty from delivering an excellent in-store experience but they were concerned about reaching customer expectations for online shopping and delivery. In the digital space they had a number of separate websites and apps that were not built with a holistic customer experience in mind. Together, we committed to building an omnichannel experience.

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Crafting a Cohesive Digital Strategy

Hy-Vee had mastered nearly 100 years as a brick-and-mortar grocery business beloved by its customers, but were hungry to adopt a digital-first culture to increase their market share. Hy-Vee’s C-level leaders listened to our recommendation for an overarching digital strategy, then interjected that we’d quickly come to articulate a simple understanding of complicated problems they’d chased but not solved for years. Hy-Vee asked us to take the lead.

Seeing Big Picture, Thinking Bigger Yet

Our first priorities were a fast-to-market rebuild of Hy-Vee’s flagship mobile app, along with building the app and responsive website, from scratch, for their full-service restaurant, Market Grille. To start, we immersed ourselves in Hy-Vee’s business through user research. We demonstrated that even when moving fast we see the big picture and think bigger yet about it.

Seamless Digital Experience Spanning All Touchpoints

We overcame the challenge of disparate data systems that didn’t sync across platforms. Our phased rebuild of positions Hy-Vee as a customer-first brand, representing the digital manifestation of their slogan, “A Helpful Smile In Every Aisle.”

A Complete Digital Landscape

When tackling an overhaul of all digital properties, it's important to start by creating a roadmap to know where you're going. Our digital product roadmap laid out what a good product delivery schedule looks like. We’ve helped Hy-Vee envision their entire digital landscape, which also includes Hy-Vee’s pharmacy programs and Aisles Online, an online shopping platform.

Partners in Continuous Transformation

As Hy-Vee’s strategic partner, we orchestrated the change they needed to raise their standing in the grocery industry. Across multiple work streams, skills and Nerds, Hy-Vee’s transformation is ongoing, as it should be. Our team is thrilled to continue to partner with Hy-Vee to build what we believe is increasingly becoming a digitally-delicious brand.

Bricks, Mortars and Beacons

Highly motivated to stay ahead, Hy-Vee moved fast on our advice to place beacons throughout their stores as a means to delight shoppers with geo-specific deals. Customers responded with a high open rate on exclusive in-store only deals personalized by the user's shopping history.

Aloha, API

Most restaurants re-skin NCR Aloha as a POS platform. Not Market Grille. For a seamless experience, an API integrating the mobile apps and responsive site means customers don’t get bumped from the app to a foreign URL, while Hy-Vee gets more sales from a better customer experience.

Hy-Vee’s Nerdery

Hy-Vee was so inspired with The Nerdery as a collaborative workspace for innovation that their leaders toured our offices to ideate designing a new space for their own software engineers — now completed and, we think, nicely done as a workplace for creative minds and kindred spirits.