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How We Helped Hillside Christian Church Start Over

Hillside Christian Church had a problem. Their existing site was built using Flash – a technology that doesn't function on any of Apple's mobile devices. This left a huge part of their core and potential members unable to access the church’s website. 

Additionally, Flash was hurting their SEO rankings, making it needlessly difficult for new visitors to find them. The use of Flash was causing one more big problem – it was impossible for a non-developer to update website content or change the way it was displayed. Hillside needed a new website that was accessible to all visitors and had a content management system (CMS) that was simple for non-technical team members to update and reorder content on each page.

Custom Web Design for Hillside Church

Putting the power in the client’s hands

To allow Hillside's team to easily manage their content, we developed a custom-built WordPress site with an unlimited number of potential page layouts that allows site managers to build the exact page they envision. Perhaps most importantly, updating content can be done by Hillside team members and no longer requires a degree in Computer Science.

Custom Wireframes for Hillside church

Partnering for success

With persistent communication, several rounds of revisions and more coffee than we'd care to admit, we were able to come to a consensus on timeline and deliverables – identifying what could be covered in phase one and what could wait until future phase. As a result, their design team received the mentorship and consulting they needed to get the job done on their terms.


seconds to update content on new website vs 3 days on old site
unique page layouts now possible
Hillside team members working on new site full-time

After scrapping their old website, Hillside's new web home is meeting the needs of both their staff and their users, functioning as a virtual gathering place. 

Built with a customized WordPress solution, the new site is positioned to grow alongside the church and into the future.

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