Building a Safety Learning System with HB Healthcare

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Partnering Together to Save Lives

HB Healthcare Safety’s mission statement is, “We believe that no one should ever suffer or die as a result of process or system failures.” Any compassionate technologist can easily conclude that if data can save lives, this is our calling. HB Healthcare Safety came to The Nerdery with a clear understanding of what they wanted to accomplish, but didn’t know how to get there; here began a true partnership between business owner and technology experts.

To help physicians use software to save lives, we partnered with HB Healthcare Safety to create their Safety Learning System.  

Through a combination of data gathering, analytics, interpretation and data visualization, HB Healthcare Safety provides meaningful insights and knowledge for healthcare centers by prioritizing their healthcare quality improvement initiatives to save the lives of patients. 

HB Healthcare Safety was created by a group of Mayo Clinic doctors who’d reviewed data on mortality for years, but other hospitals were not able to benefit from this potentially-impactful information because the data was isolated. The healthcare industry needed a system in which hospitals could share and analyze information on mortality, failures of healthcare delivery, adverse events and diagnostic errors.

HB Healthcare screen capture, dashboard

From prototyping to design to QA testing and more

HB Healthcare Safety’s timeline drove this project from the beginning. We had a little under five months to complete phase one of the project, including a working minimal viable product that could be used by multiple hospitals across the country. Working with the team at HB Healthcare Safety, we chose to use Ruby on Rails, which allowed us to move and iterate quickly, while still giving them plenty of room for future growth.

Client Testimonial

I can tell you, with the most genuine sincerity, that you all have validated my life’s purpose… to be a part of a team that eases suffering in the world.

Jeanne Huddleston

Founder & CEO

HB Healthcare screen capture

We understood HB Healthcare Safety needed to be able to show hospitals their concept; through interactive wireframes and prototyping we presented them with a working demo that they could use as a pre-launch sales tool. Pre-launch, HB Healthcare Safety was able to sell the system to nineteen different hospitals, with many more lined up. And many lives yet to be saved.

Using Ruby on Rails allowed The Nerdery to stay within a tight deadline, create a strong initial product and rapidly grow and iterate as business needs changed and grew.


months of development, design & testing
hospitals purchased the HB product before launch
hours spent ensuring a high-quality final product through QA testing

"We partnered with you, as this tool was created, to help hospitals across the world learn from their failures to end suffering caused by healthcare delivery." 

Multiple enterprises have been utilizing the system this year and more have signed on to begin using it in 2017.

A new release is scheduled to launch that will include complex reporting functionality. This will allow hospitals to view trends within their institutions to proactively make changes as needed. Continuous development and iteration will allow The Nerdery and HB Healthcare to succeed in saving lives. 

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