Helping Excelsior Group Re-establish Their Online Presence

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Developing a fresh web presence

An investment real estate firm, The Excelsior Group, needed a website with a clean, modern look. To accommodate their client base, they wanted a simple and intuitive experience for viewing investment portfolio assets. As a firm that deals with numerous properties, The Excelsior Group needed to be able to easily manage their portfolio and assign different levels of access to their investors. To do this, they needed an interface that was accessible to non-technical employees.

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Getting modern with WordPress

One of the first steps of the development process was working with The Excelsior Group to identify a WordPress theme that had the polished look they wanted. Because many of their needs were met with an established theme, we were able to significantly reduce development time and costs by using it as our starting point and customizing specific aspects from there.

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Building a better portfolio

It was critical for The Excelsior Group to showcase their investment properties online – something their theme didn’t allow. We created a custom portfolio for investors to view and download property details, along with an intuitive back-end for The Excelsior Group to update assets.

Adding individual user logins

The Excelsior Group needed a secure way for clients to view specific properties, so we built-in individual user logins. With this feature, users can conveniently access financial and investment documents associated with their properties.

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Client Testimonial

We’re very happy with the end product. The flexibility that the WordPress template product afforded us is extremely helpful and the new design, the look, the feel, help take The Excelsior Group to the next level in our industry.

Brenda Studt

Excelsior Group Marketing Director


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With a fresh WordPress website, including customized features tailored specifically to their needs, The Excelsior Group has reinvented their online presence. Their website now strikes a balance between professional and functional while still being budget friendly – and gives them flexibility in the future.

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