Driving Efficiency in Enterprise Manufacturing

“The Nerdery is my IT department. Without my team of Nerds, I have little power to move things forward on the technology side.” — Client partner

Increasing Sales and Improving Customer Experience

A leading manufacturer approached us with a common problem: They were great at producing cutting-edge products, but their distributor sites were struggling to produce sales. 

Our client was managing 18 independent sites at once. The lack of a sustainable digital solution was leading to inconsistent customer experiences, fractured brand presence and lost trust with distributors who were unable to control their own websites.



Experience Strategy
Technical Strategy
Experience Design
Content Strategy
CMS Development





Developing a Robust Digital Strategy

We worked closely with the client’s marketing leadership team to create a long-term digital strategy that included a new corporate website, content strategy governance and the ability to create and scale distributor websites efficiently.

Distributors are now empowered to deliver the best experience to their end users and corporate can rest assured these new experiences are within brand guidelines. The new Sitecore CMS, marketing automation tools and content strategy led to double the amount of qualified leads in the first six months, improved SEO and ability to update content 20 times faster.

Forming a Critical Partnership

The Nerdery is the liaison between the client’s marketing and IT departments and we’ve collaborated on more than 20 additional projects that help maintain and grow trust between our client and its distributors.

As we work through our client’s digital transformation roadmap, we’re implementing changes to improve their user experience, talent acquisition strategies, ESL customer access and e-commerce customer experience and sales.

CMS Migration and Multi-Site Architecture

A new Sitecore CMS solution allows the client and its distributors to deliver a delightful, personalized experience to their customers.

Brand Research

Our brand strategy placed value on the distributors’ trusted identities and unique differentiators while still allowing them to work within one CMS.

Content Strategy Roadmap

We set our client up for long-term sustainability by providing a content strategy roadmap, governance plan, and training and education sessions.