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Machinery in the palm of your hand

Danfoss, an industrial machinery component manufacturer, wanted to engage their audience with an app at an upcoming industry trade show. They needed a development partner that could not only deliver what they were looking for technically, but could help brainstorm ideas for app features. As the trade show was rapidly approaching. It was critical that the app was finished and thoroughly tested before the event.

Danfoss app on iOS and Android devices

Cross-platform experience is brand experience

As we began conception of the app, we realized the mobile experience should help convention-goers interact with Danfoss as well as providing a bit of fun. We knew it was critically important to have strong, stable builds for both native iPhone and Android devices. Working closely with our development team, our user experience team created an encounter that was a cohesive, content-rich app that remained easy to navigate. 

Danfoss iOS screens

Engaging brand opportunities

To engage trade show attendees with the Danfoss brand, we built a calendar of events into the app, detailing topics and times. Additionally, we incorporated industry white papers and created a contest that challenged users to scan six icons posted around the showroom for a prize drawing. To ensure Danfoss customers and sales reps were able to connect, we developed back-end communication with Salesforce and one-touch functionality to call, email or request an appointment.


days from kickoff to deadline
hours spent on project
white papers offered in app

Despite the project's tight deadline, the strong partnership between our Nerds and the Danfoss team allowed us to launch in time for the trade show deadline. 
Since the initial run at the trade show, we've partnered with Danfoss to expand their app for upcoming trade shows, enhancing existing features and developing additional functionality.

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