Helping Chamberlain® with Their Existing Software (and Beyond)

Chamberlain Garage Doors Goes Mobile

Building a better app

Chamberlain already led the garage-door industry in hardware, but needed a software partner to transform smartphones into garage-door openers; together, we learned a lot from each other about connecting software with hardware. Our client had significant marketing investment poised for the holiday season focused on their MyQ® app and new hardware. 

Yet, if the app and hardware weren't fully compatible and working by October, the marketing push would be dropped. We took  stock of Chamberlain’s existing code quality across each of MyQ®'s iterations (iOS, Android and web) and discovered it needed to be cleaned up before connecting the app to the still-under-development hardware.

Chamberlain app with garage door illustration

Enhancing & expanding to something new

While executing the fixes, implementing software updates and testing the MyQ® platform, our mobile development discovered the current app couldn't handle enhancements Chamberlain wanted to make – so we built a new one that addressed the app's underlying code problems and delivered a better experience for the end user. 

From there, we connected the MyQ® app to the brand-new, Wi-Fi enabled MyQ® Garage hardware. This required connecting all MyQ® app platforms – Android, iOS and web – to a complex hierarchy of hardware APIs and software, while identifying features (including push notifications) that could be implemented within timeline.


days to take product from concept to launch
lines of code reviewed on Android & iOS
Nerdery team members who worked on-site at Chamberlain

Working together on the code audit turned out to be a huge benefit for the MyQ® mobile app product. We hit the 90-day deadline with full app integration to the new MyQ® Garage hardware. 

Since launch, we were proud to see Chamberlain's MyQ® app recognized for its innovation and functionality at major technology events like Apple's WWDC keynote and at Google's I/O conference.

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