Taking In-Home IoT to the Next Level

The Nerdery worked with Chamberlain to pioneer connected-home devices with IoT technology.
Chamberlain Garage Doors Goes Mobile

Chamberlain came to us with a vision to improve their existing MyQ® mobile app and evolve the way their customers experienced their brands and products. They already led the garage-door industry in hardware, but needed a software partner to transform smartphones into garage-door openers. 

Once our teams began working together, both Chamberlain and The Nerdery quickly realized the partnership had potential to grow far beyond the initial code quality cleanup.

Chamberlain app with garage door illustration

On-site development partners

While executing the fixes, implementing software updates and testing the MyQ® platform, our team discovered the current app couldn't handle enhancements Chamberlain wanted to make — so we built a new app that delivered a better experience for the end user.

From there, we connected the MyQ® app to the brand-new, Wi-Fi enabled MyQ® Garage hardware. This required connecting all MyQ® app platforms — Android, iOS and web — to a complex hierarchy of hardware APIs and software.

Code audit summary and iPhone with Chamberlain app

During our engagement, we embedded seven Nerds on-site at Chamberlain to help them evolve into a more self-sufficient technology company. The resulting partnership helped Chamberlain expand their involvement in the technology industry and get recognized by Apple and Google for the way the MyQ app seamlessly integrated appliance hardware with cutting-edge software to create a connected-home experience.

Creating the connected home

Chamberlain was already a leader in the field of manufacturing and home appliances at the beginning of our relationship. With the help of Nerds, they became a pioneer in connected-home technology. 

With ongoing technology support from The Nerdery, Chamberlain was able to launch three major applications that have since become an integral part of their long-term company growth.

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