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A strategic approach to digital product development

Working together to understand the current state of your business, competitive landscape, and market positioning, we create a vision for your digital evolution — identifying strategic technology investment opportunities to drive innovation and growth.

Strategy with Nerdery


There’s more to launching an app than launching an app. Digital products in the market today are only realized because they are backed by a robust business strategy. This process gives you the power to build strong organizational alignment — a key element in your product’s long term success. 

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How we work

From current state assessment to visioning to recommendations, the focus of business strategy is to identify how digital can quickly drive value for your business. By reimagining the potential of your digital offerings it becomes easier to align around what you’ll need to achieve that product vision.

Capability assessment

To better understand the current digital landscape, we analyze your existing business, data, and technical capabilities and provide recommendations to identify where to adapt and shift to support your digital transformation.

Service design blueprinting

As strategists, we serve as partners to support your vision. To do this, we analyze the target customer’s journey, relevant interactions, business processes, data requirements, and technical enablers; and provide recommendations for change management and new process implementation to achieve your vision.  

Concept development

We take big ideas for your digital portfolio and craft them into a vision to rally around, focusing on the desirability, viability and feasibility of bringing this concept to life. 

Business model development

Organizations that are competitive in the digital space have a business model that supports their product portfolio and captures value from their customer base. We analyze business processes and identify opportunities to evolve your work to better support your digital transformation.

Omnichannel strategy

Consumers demand a seamless digital experience. To help our clients deliver this, we analyze your current cross-channel experiences, map out the ideal user journey, and align on business priorities in pursuit of continuous customer loyalty.

Business Strategy focus areas

  • Market Sizing and competitive analysis:
    Identifying the potential value of the opportunity and competitive pressure in the market 


  • Strategic roadmaps:
    Synthesizing the plan to get to the future in an actionable, prioritized roadmap, balancing quick wins with longer-term investments that support digital transformation vision and objectives


  • Business case creation:
    This is where we recommend solutions to justify the case for change in pursuit of initiatives or a digital product. We develop quantitative financial analysis supporting the market opportunity, solutions, revenue stream growth, cost savings opportunities, and investment required to enable the solution
  • Future state capability and process analysis:
    Recommendations for the process and business, data, and technical capability gaps to support the future experience enabled by the vision


  • Vision and value identification:
    Whether as broad as a full product portfolio transformation or specific to an individual product, we establish the vision and anticipated value for the business and the customer


  • Objective and key results definition:
    Articulating specific objectives and measures of success to guide the orient the future roadmap execution


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