Strategic Partner or Development Resource: What Does Your Project Need?

Building Development resources with your strategy partners

By Emily Rinde

Communications Manager

Building a new digital experience for your customers is a daunting challenge. For businesses looking outside their organization, the task can feel more difficult. Finding the right people to work with depends on understanding which type of partner will best fit your business needs and project.

A development resource is someone who can fill a specific role: implementing a technology, resolving a bug, installing hardware, etc. The resource’s job is to execute that responsibility but they typically won’t be involved with the larger aspects of project strategy, which is a great fit for clients who have specific requirements or need some quick updates to code.

A strategic partner may fill specific roles as well but they can also identify problems and potential solutions to achieve your business goals. When different strategic perspectives of the project overlap, a strategic partner can help make sure every part of the project drives back to the business goals – like growth or revenue – that your business wants to achieve. Focusing on those metrics will help you get past silos and keep the overall success of the company at the top of everyone’s agenda. That’s the value strategic partners provide that development resources generally don’t.

So how do you know if you need a development resource or a strategic partner? You’re looking for a development resource if you already know exactly what you want to achieve and need help with execution. If you have more questions than answers about your project – or, if you know you need a solution but need help figuring out exactly what it should be and how to build it – you’re looking for a strategy partner.

As you might expect, working with a strategic partner leads to a deep and trusted relationship. While working together to make big decisions that shape your business’ future, you and your strategic partner build trust and feel a shared sense of ownership in the result. You know you’re both in it for the long haul to achieve your goals. You’ll learn, iterate and – yes, sometimes – you will fail along the way as you get there.

A strategic partner is someone you can lean on to analyze your business and work with you to determine the best approach to reach your goals. That’s where your development strategy partner provides amazing value and service. They’ll help you execute an experience that is meaningful to your users and will ultimately move customers to take the action that makes your business grow.

We find that when a client comes to us looking for help developing technology that is aimed to solve a more complex business problem, they’re really telling us they want a strategic partner who will help meet and exceed their business goals. For a detailed perspective on what goes into creating a digital experience that grows your business, download our eBook.

Published on 12/27/2016