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  • Four Easy Ways to Get Your Digital Transformation Moving

    Emily Rinde
    Social Media and Community Manager

    Getting a digital transformation off the ground isn’t easy, and securing buy-in at the top of the organization can take a long time. A digital transformation is about​ lasting cultural change​​ within a company, not just a project that starts and ends. Read More...

  • Join us for World Information Architecture Day 2017

    Natalie Yee
    User Experience Designer

    World Information Architecture Day​ (WIAD) is an annual one-day conference focused on fostering a community of practice, learning and teaching of information architecture. Read More...

  • Giving Your Product a Personality with Voice and Tone

    Michael Metts
    Senior User Experience Designer

    No matter how beautiful a design may be and no matter how intuitive the navigation is, if you aren’t intentional about the words in your product, it won’t be nearly as effective as it could be. Read More...

  • Three Criteria that Every Useful IoT Product Needs to Meet — Podcast

    Kathy Swanson
    Senior Account Executive
    Internet of Things

    In our latest Internet of X​ podcast episode we speak with Scott Nelson, Tim O'Brien and Mitch Maiman about how to design IoT products that have the most impact. Read More...

  • This Is the QA Podcast: Episode 08

    Elliot Tan
    Quality Assurance Supervisor

    In this month’s episode, we’ll examine HBO’s Westworld and the importance of QA in pop culture, misunderstood concepts that drive QA and quality control (QC) and more. Read More...

  • Assessing Your Data at the Start of a Digital Transformation

    Emily Rinde
    Social Media and Community Manager

    As the sheer amount of data in the world has grown, assessing and understanding it has become a critical first step for a successful digital transformation effort. Read More...

  • Using Machine Learning to Improve Customer Personalization

    Brandon Veber
    Software Engineer
    Machine Learning with The Nerdery

    Many companies have effective data collection procedures, but few maximize their data with state-of-the-art analytical tools. Read More...

  • Welcome to the Web Challenge, Phoenix

    Ginger Bucklin
    Executive Director of The Nerdery Foundation
  • Introducing Nerd Therapy Minneapolis

    Emily Rinde
    Social Media and Community Manager

    Introducing our new monthly event series, Nerd Therapy. Each month, with the help of our Nerds, we'll walk you through the intricacies of applying technology to business solutions. Read More...

  • Profiles in Nerdery: Josh Anderson

    Emily Rinde
    Social Media and Community Manager

    Get to know Josh Anderson, Principal Software Engineer (Front-End) at our Minneapolis office. Read More...

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