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  • Our UX Lab is Evolving Into a Research and Development Center

    Dan Schmitz
    User Experience Designer
    Blog Ux Lab V1

    Since its inception, our User Experience Lab has evolved into an R&D hub that facilitates education and early-stage prototyping. Read More...

  • Meet Chicago: Creating Interactive Employee Portraits

    Jim Butts
    Principal Software Engineer
    Blog Nerdfinder V1

    Prominently and permanently displayed by the main entrance, our interactive Nerd Wall encourages employees and guests to learn the faces behind the names in our office. Read More...

  • Five Ways to Dodge Disruption

    Tim Hayes
    Portfolio Team Manager
    Blog Dirupted V1

    The speed of the disruption keeps business leaders up at night, and if it doesn’t, it should. The future is impossible to predict but here are five ways to help your business avoid going the way of the horse-drawn wagon. Read More...

  • Taxonomy: The Best Way to Organize Your Site

    Claire Rasmussen
    Senior User Experience Designer
    Blog Taxonomy V1

    Taxonomy helps organizations serve up the right content to the right customer by enabling personalization and cross-brand promotion to have a degree of intelligence. Read More...

  • Supercharge Your Front-End Development With These New Best Practices

    Roneesh Vashisht
    Front-End Senior Software Engineer
    Blog Redux React V1

    Here are some of the new tools and techniques your team can use to be on the forefront of front-end development. Read More...

  • Save Power and Increase Reliability in Bluetooth Communication with Protocol Buffers

    Joshua Sullivan
    Senior Software Engineer (iOS)
    Blog Ble Protobufs V2

    Explore a technique to maximize Bluetooth communication efficiency and minimize development costs in your mobile apps. Read More...

  • The Future of Mobile is Coming this Fall

    Lacey Kobriger
    Senior User Experience Designer
    Blog Future Of Mobile V2

    With explosive growth in the mobile space over the last few years, it can be challenging to keep up with all the new technology coming to mobile apps. Our Nerds offer insights on the coolest technology emerging in the mobile space and what it could mean for consumers. Read More...

  • This Is the QA Podcast: Episode 09

    Justin Holman
    Quality Assurance Operations Manager
    This Is the QA Podcast Logo

    In this month’s episode we examine in-store shopping technology, the WannaCry Ransomware attack, and NASA Engineers’ quality assurance work for Apple’s self-driving cars. Read More...

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve

    Pairing the Right Tools with the Right Business Problems

    Amy Schweppe
    Senior User Experience Designer
    Blog Header Tools Problems V1

    Solving the correct business problem is about challenging your own assumptions and aligning your organization with your customers' real world experiences. It's about using the right tools. Read More...

  • Join us for Techweek Chicago: Nerd Therapy and Night at The Nerdery

    Gregg Walrod
    Head of Engineering, Chicago
    Blog Header Tech Week V1

    Join us for Techweek Chicago: Night at The Nerdery and Nerd Therapy. Bring your entrepreneurial spirit and we’ll provide the innovations, refreshments, appetizers and music. Read More...

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