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Nerdery's 2023 Customer Symposium

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Jump ahead of the digital transformation curve. Connect with technology and business leaders to exchange ideas, dive deep into technology trends, and discover how to use innovation to create new value for customers.

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Emerging Opportunities: Leveraging AI to transform your business

Keynote presenter:
Simon Anderson, Futurist

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Artificial intelligence is reshaping the world as we know it, creating new challenges and opportunities for leaders and organizations in every industry. How can you prepare for the future and leverage AI to your advantage? Join Futurist Simon Anderson as he explores the latest AI trends and technologies that are transforming how we live and work. Simon’s message is filled with transformative insights and actionable strategies that will help you and your organization thrive in a world of new possibilities.

Keynote takeaways:

  • Identify important AI trends and technologies transforming the future and the exciting opportunities they are creating.
  • Apply Simon’s Future Ready Formula to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to better navigate change.
  • Learn Five Future Ready Actions you can start taking right away to move beyond resilience to be successful in the future.

Data Strategy and Architecture: The power of transformative digital products to drive growth

Franco Patano, Lead Product Specialist at Databricks
Al Heuring, Senior Director of Technology at Nerdery

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AI's ability to perform depends on the data it's working with. But for many organizations, their data is disparate or duplicitous, making a solid AI strategy impossible. Organizations are adopting a data-centric framework to utilize AI in digital product development. But what does data-centricity mean and where do you start?

In 'Data Strategy & Architecture: The power of transformative digital products to drive growth,' you'll learn:

  • About the benefits of a data-centric framework
  • What a successful, data-centric architecture looks like
  • How to "operationalize" your data to ensure successful digital products
  • What you need to get started on your AI journey today

Customer Experience Unleashed Through AI

Howard Goldkrand, Innovation Catalyst and Executive Advisor at Hey Origami
Chris Cobb, VP of Design at Nerdery

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Join us for an exciting discussion on the transformative role of AI in enhancing customer experiences and hear how companies leverage it to optimize customer touchpoints and generate hyper-personalized interactions to deepen brand loyalty, remain competitive, drive growth and capture market share.

We’ll discuss the importance of building intelligent experience engines that utilize AI to continuously refine customer journeys, ensuring seamless and tailored customer experiences. We’ll also reveal how successful brands use AI to design new engagements, reimagine end-to-end experiences, activate across channels and test through agile experimentation.

Customer Panel: How to Use Strategy, Data, and Feedback to Improve Experience 

Sameera Kapasi, Director of Insights and Analytics at Nerdery

Customer Panelists:
Chi Vu, Global Retail Product Engagement Lead at Google
Ryan Holland, Owner at Real Sportscards
Steven Persch, Director of Developer Experience at Pantheon

During this panel event, we’ll talk with Nerdery customers and partners about using customer insights to create best-in-class digital products.

With customers Google, Real Sportscards and Pantheon, we’ll cover:

  • Real-world examples of digital products empowered by customer insights
  • How to identify actionable and attainable product goals that are in lockstep with your overarching business goals
  • Getting buy-in from internal and external stakeholders
  • Gain insights into the nuances of data and moving from data-driven to insights-driven
  • How to set up ideal product teams to achieve your desired outcomes

Achieving success in digital transformation through change management

Tonya Welsch, Practice Lead, Communications at Pivot Strategies
Kendal Kaminski, Director of Strategy at Nerdery

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Find out why intentional change management is crucial to any digital transformation initiative. During this interactive session, we’ll: 

  • Discuss the “how” and “why” of change management in support of digital transformation
  • Identify “big boulders” within your organization and how to apply a change management framework to solve it
  • Review examples and case studies for how change management principles are applied successfully (and unsuccessfully) to digital transformation initiatives

What can AI do for you? Future fit use cases

Ankur Wahi, Cloud Architect at Google
Julie Velky, Senior Technology Consultant at Nerdery

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By 2030 - the global generative AI market is predicted to reach $15 trillion. As a result, more and more executives are focusing on digital transformation to include AI.

We know AI can help automate tasks and assist with content development, but what are the more practical and impactful applications for AI and business?

Learn more about the future of AI and how it can create new value and enhance your operations. You'll hear about some specific use cases for conversational AI tools like Google's Dialogflow and learn about what the future looks like with AI.

Customer Symposium: FutureConnect keynote speaker, Simon Anderson.
Keynote speaker

Simon Anderson

Emerging Opportunities: Leveraging AI to transform your business

About Simon Anderson
  • International futurist and applied foresight expert
  • Co-author of the award-winning book Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow
  • Creator of the Future Ready Formula™ which empowers leaders to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities created by rapid change.
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