Nerdery Lab Equipment: Built by developers, for developers

What does it do?


Writes model objects, fast

JSON Accelerator writes Objective C, Java and Python Django models. You choose whether to use ARC or even generate core data models. Your time is valuable. This is simple.


Fetches JSON from url or local files

Simply enter JSON content or fetch code from the web, delivered in exported model object files. Modify http headers using GET or POST to work with several web APIs.


Consumes and validates JSON

Made by developers/for developers who prefer not to mess around, JSON Accelerator consumes web services and creates native code; stable, reliable output in three clicks.


NSCoding compliant in Objective C models

It works as expected; bottom line, NSCoding compliance means it just works. JSON Accelerator also saves your work. And helps you work faster.

What else is cool?

Multilingual Coming-soon

Supports multiple languages: Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Russian; Spanish.

Reliable simplicity

Keep your code in your editor. There’s no learning curve. Skip the tedious and move on.

Work less/more

Replace manual effort - yours. Accomplish what used to take 6-8 hours in an hour or less.

Rapid incorporation

Accelerates and simplifies process of incorporating JSON services into applications.

By Nerds, for nerds

Nerdery Lab Equipment tools are developed specifically for developers like ours – and you.

More coming, follow us

Lab Equipment joins Lab Notes, our wireframing tool set. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on releases.